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Graphic Design

The biggest fundamental requirement for businesses in graphic design. Graphic design has a very big community for help and industry for work. You can build your career as a freelancer, designer in a company, or trainer.

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Web Development

According to Google, there are 1,197,982,359 websites in the World as of January 2021. So why not do web development? You can build your career in a single part of the web dev sector. Take the course and Get Started.

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Motion Design

Video/motion Designing means Video Editing, Motion Design both. Everything from logo intro making to movie making is covered by video design. Reading a story is a bit boring, but watching a movie is more than awesome.

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Digital Marketing

There is no business without marketing. But in the era of social media, there is the biggest opportunity to get customers easily. When you on social media platforms you may see some advertisements. This is digital marketing. Marketing digitally is called digital marketing.

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Python is a widely-used general-purpose, high-level scripting programming language. It is very popular not only because of its easy syntax but also the power of python. This language used in the web, Artificial intelligence, scripting language in different software, and many other places.

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